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Target Hardening The Workplace

A soft target is a location or place that is vulnerable due to its lack of security or protection, though is often populated by groups of people. To understand the threats posed to soft targets, it's important to identify what makes them susceptible to intimidation and acts of violence and terrorism.
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Identifying Soft Target Locations

Soft target locations are mostly at risk for their welcoming environments. They open the possibility of welcoming the wrong people, and the risk of violence is particularly high in places where modern conflict is apparent. Such locations include libraries, malls, movie theaters, houses of worship, public venues and events. Each location allows public access to anyone who wishes to enter.

What Is Target Hardening?

Target hardening, also referred to simply as hardening, is a term used by police officers, those working in security, and the military referring to the strengthening of the security of a building or installation in order to protect it in the event of attack or reduce the risk of theft. In terms of business and home security, target hardening is one of the suite of protective measures that are included in crime prevention. This can include ensuring all doors and windows are sourced and fitted in such a way that they can resist forcible and surreptitious intruder attack, adding hard barriers and landscapes that resist vehicle and pedestrian intrusion and adding fences or walls.

This Course Provides

  • Identifying soft vs hard targets
  • Understanding the difference between soft and hard targets
  • How to target hardening your facility
  • Needs assessment creation
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Using common sense approaches to target harden a facility
  • Understanding rippling ramifications from preventable security oversights
  • Review of an operating structure and enhancing its operations
  • Conducting Red Cell Table Top exercises

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