Security guard personnel have become a
critical part of that infrastructure allowing them to become an answer to the declining law
enforcement profession. Security guard personnel have been brought forth to supplement those
tasks that law enforcement cannot manage.

Today’s Environment

In today’s environment, stakeholders must understand the importance of what actions are essential, authorized, mandatory, and a critical part of the overarching development of a proven strategy that assists in creating a successful organization. These foundational principles afford an organization the ability to produce an atmosphere that will enhance the effectiveness, accountability, and transparency of those they direct.

Incorporating These Philosophies Increases Stakeholder Safety

These philosophies are a must within the industry today, and finding avenues to reach those goals to increase the safety of your stakeholders will only stand to assist in providing a level of protection.

Many of the following elements have been identified by security personnel to assist in defining a pathway to success


  • Ensure compliance of mandates and reinforce those requirements.
  • Reduce risk to the internal and external principles.
  • Support and educate best practices by developing concepts that are proven.
  • Foster positive security cultures in and around your organization.
  • Always look towards those areas of improvement.
  • Have a professional image to protect your organization and enhance future development.

Intelligence Consulting Partners is proud to be a trusted, global leader in military, law enforcement and civilian training. Our instructors are academics and practitioners in the realm of security with decades of experience in their respective fields. Our security guard training programs are designed to assist in developing an enhanced security posture to fulfill the needs of our clients and communities served.

Learn More About Our Security Guard Training Services

We offer an 8-hour in-service continuing education training course for currently licensed security guards, as well as a 16-hour initial training course, exceeding the mandated training requirements under Senate Bill 760. Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate of completion will be provided as supporting documentation that demonstrates successful completion of the mandated training.  All courses are tailored to address current threats and educational demands.

For inquiries about security guard training or other related training programs, contact ICP at [email protected] / (202) 930-2427