As a security company continues to grow, investing in a robust training platform is essential for ensuring the effectiveness and professionalism of your security personnel. Whether you’re training new security guards or providing ongoing education for your existing team, a well-structured platform can make a significant difference. Let’s enhance the existing content to create a logical and comprehensive training program.


  • Custom Platform: Set up your training program on a custom platform. This ensures exclusive access and control over content and the message that will be delivered.

  • Content Customization: Tailoring training content to meet your company’s specific needs. Consider including:
    • Scenario-based training
    • Client-specific protocols
    • Site-specific procedures
    • Region-specific legal requirements
    • Updates on security technologies and methodologies


  • Shift-Friendly: Security personnel often work irregular hours and in various locations. Making accommodation for your team will show a commitment to their personal development.


  • Easily Expandable: As your company grows, training platforms should seamlessly scale to accommodate those within your organization.
  • Cross-Department Training: Extending these platforms can enhance throughout your organization (e.g., administrative staff, supervisors).


  • Compliance Tracking: Monitor each trainee’s progress and ensure compliance with state certification requirements.
  • Detailed Reports: Receive in-depth reports on individual performance, completion rates, and areas for improvement.


A logical security guard training platform combines customization, scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. By refining your existing content and aligning it with these best practices, you’ll elevate your team’s performance and enhance safety across your organization.

Intelligence Consulting Partners is proud to be a trusted, global leader in military, law enforcement and civilian training. Our instructors are academics and practitioners in the realm of security with decades of experience in their respective fields. Our security guard training programs are designed to assist in developing an enhanced security posture to fulfill the needs of our clients and communities served.

Learn More About Our Security Guard Training Services

We offer an 8-hour in-service continuing education training course for currently licensed security guards, as well as a 16-hour initial training course, exceeding the mandated training requirements under Senate Bill 760. Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate of completion will be provided as supporting documentation that demonstrates successful completion of the mandated training.  All courses are tailored to address current threats and educational demands.

For inquiries about security guard training or other related training programs, contact ICP at [email protected] / (202) 930-2427