"Security guard businesses face several challenges, but these challenges can be overcome with strategic planning and adaptation. The security industry is dynamic, and staying informed about trends and challenges is essential for long-term success."

-Pete Eliadis, ICP Founder / President

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

  • Challenge: Finding skilled + reliable security personnel can be difficult due to competition from other industries and the demanding nature of the job.
  • Solution: Invest in recruitment efforts, offer competitive compensation, provide ongoing training, & create a positive work environment to retain talent.

Remaining Compliant with Regulations and Compliance

  • Challenge: The security industry is heavily regulated, and compliance requirements vary by state and locality.
  • Solution: Stay informed about legal changes, maintain proper licensing, and ensure your guards receive the necessary training to meet compliance standards.

Providing Quality Service Delivery on Every Contract

  • Challenge: Consistently meeting client expectations and delivering high-quality security services can be demanding.
  • Solution: Implement rigorous training programs, conduct regular performance evaluations, and communicate effectively with clients to understand their needs.

A logical security guard training platform combines customization, scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Refining and aligning your existing content with these best practices will elevate your team’s performance and enhance safety across your organization.