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Educators Response to the Active Shooter

The school shootings that have taken place over the last 20+ years, have shaken our communities and have left an impact on us all. Active shooter incidents and other threatening events in our schools are becoming more evident each day. The need to protect children in our schools is more important than ever.
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Working With Local Law Enforcement

Educators and schools need to work closely with local Law Enforcement to develop realistic school safety plans in response to various threats. Joint training sessions should be conducted, with test procedures in a realistic environment. A Memorandum of Understanding between local law enforcement and the Schools should be in place to establish procedures to be followed when an incident involving an act of violence takes place so the School Administration will know the plans and tactics the law enforcement will use to resolve the situation.

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This Course Provides

  • A historical overview of Active Shooter situations
  • Prepared response methods for immediate action
  • Developing partnerships with local law enforcement
  • Promoting community relationships to ensure inclusion in a response plan
  • Developing a school response plan specific to your school.

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