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The Best Active Shooter Training Course In The Country

We specialize in active shooter training, for companies large and small and ready your staff for today's threats. Our team is comprised of experts in the law enforcement, government, military and health industries. Together, our staff has well over a century of combined years of experience in preparing our clients for active threat situations.

Our active shooter training courses are the most comprehensive in nation and are used by the United States Government!

Active Shooter/Active Threat Training For Businesses

Our goal at ICP is to provide effective, potentially life save solutions, designed to boost safety, awareness and active threat knowledge at your organization.  Utilizing the next generation of tools, training and consulting, we deliver training for a vast array of threat management and leadership programs to provide a unique, rewarding experience that diligently serves our clients’ needs.  A portion of our teachings include:

  • Critical Infrastructure Assessment
  • Target Hardening the Workplace
  • Site Assessment
  • Understanding & Applying Leadership
  • Preparing for the Active Threat
  • Active Threat Mitigation Curriculum
  • Crisis Management & Prevention
  • Corporate & Employee Screening
  • Preparing First Responders for an Active Shooter​
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Employee Termination Techniques & Strategy


Why Choose Intelligence Consulting Partners?

First and foremost, Intelligence Consulting Partners is trusted and vetted by the United States Government as leaders in Active Threat Mitigation services by offer the highest level of training in the nation!  Many of our courses and training services are used throughout the United States Government.

We are veteran owned and well decorated military, law enforcement and health care professionals!  We took an oath in our careers to protect America throughout our careers and are now providing those skills and tactics in the private sector.  Through our active threat mitigation training, we can help businesses of all sizes:

  • We apply the skills and experience of active and retired law enforcement, intelligence and military professionals to improve preparedness for workplace threats.
  • Our training dramatically improves employee response when threats arise
  • Our Active Treat and Workplace Violence Mitigation carefully instructs critical counter techniques to enhance employee safety and reduce liability.

Active Shooter Training For Schools & Educators

Educators carry a substantial responsibility educating and preparing the next generation and while their sole mission is to educate, in today’s world, we need to take steps for our children to not only feel safe, but to make them safe. Our threat mitigation training sessions are relevant for all school employees –from school leadership and teachers to facilities staff and beyond. We’ll tailor our training to your needs.

  • Active shooter incidents in the U.S. now occur on an average of once a month
  • Of these incidents, 20% occurred at schools
  • Parents are increasingly focused on the safety of their children
  • Active threat training can reduce the risk of litigation and reduce insurance premiums
  • Threat training can be used as a recruitment tool and differentiating factor to set your school apart


Why Choose Intelligence Consulting Partners?

Education and careful planning are the best ways to ensure your school and your community are safe.  Our team of experts will work in partnership with you to identify training needs and customize training specifically for your school, from facilities assessments, active threat drills and custom curriculum for the entire community.  Through our active threat mitigation training, we can help your school:

  • Reduce the risk of threats
  • Improve employee response when threats arise
  • Help to keep children safe
  • Our holistic approach to active threat training helps students retain the information taught
  • Enhance your school’s reputation as a safe place for kids to learn

“We as parents and educators need to be proactive on this topic. Your training was informative and direct, and helped our school feel prepared for any situation.”

Bonnie R.

Assistant Principal, Monmouth Beach School District


We are leaders in educating organizations through next generation adult learning tools!

Our goal at Intelligence Consulting Partners is to provide effective solutions designed to boost safety, awareness, and knowledge in your organization. Our customized created holistic programs carefully instruct critical counter techniques to enhance safety and reduce liability. Our programs offer solutions to modern threats thru behavioral modifications and environmental safeguards.

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